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Why IT Services (Illinois) is all about providing low cost yet reliable and secure online services. We believe in innovation, creativity, professionalism and command of leading in Internet technology.

The reason why so many users trust has to do with reliability of our services, honesty of our offerings and care we instill in our everyday endeavors to support our customers.  We believe in clear and honest disclosure of features and products on our website so that users can make intelligent choices and not believe in making money by leading users into buying products that lack in features and require optional add on at every step of the way.  This is the reason, we enjoy high loyalty among our customers and one of the highest referral rates in the industry.  If you like our service, you will most likely tell others about it and that is the source of our strength.  Some of the items that differentiate us from the others are categorized below.  Please also review our FAQ sections for information related to most common questions.

Dedicated Team

With a sales and technical staff committed to providing an outstanding level of service and support, we work hard to earn and maintain long-standing business partnerships. Our team of Certified Microsoft Professionals guarantee that you will be provided with the latest, most cost-effective, and proven hosting platforms and software solutions for your Internet business needs. Our combination of technical skills and professionalism ensure you a business partner you can rely on.

High Quality Service

We specialize in establishing your online personal/business identity and giving your business a meaningful Internet presence. We offer a variety of hosting packages, with tons of features and customizations, tailored specifically for you, you can rest assured that can provide you with the quality of service you need at the right price, offering the perfect plan for your company’s needs.


Proactive site monitoring and fault-tolerant equipment insure that site uptime and reach ability are maximized.

With high performance servers and a low customer-to-server ratio for our business hosting, sites load fast even during peak usage.

Our three online control panels allows you to instantly modify most aspects of your account, providing the opportunity to easily expand your account on-the-fly.

We have a full scripting environment that give you the peace of mind, all year round.

You get the best value, and best combination of price, performance, and reliability.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff is available 24x7 to help solve problems, and answer questions.

Personal Support

At we proud our self on providing superior customer service and satisfaction. We have customer support staff available for online chat almost 12 hours a day 7 days a week and email support available 24/7. We answer your calls promptly and respond to your inquires and questions in shortest possible time.

Our Commitment

We are a team of aggressive and dedicated web development professionals experienced in latest web development technologies. We have state of the art web development environment housing latest hardware/software tools and technologies. We cater to all of the web development needs no matter if it is a simple two-page web site or a fully functional e-commerce or dynamic online business solution; we have a solution that is right for your needs, requirements and resources.

Online Business Solutions has all that is necessary to have effective online business solutions. We can build online software solution based on your requirements and provide the necessary training and after sales support. We also specialize in creating secure solutions for the businesses that utilizing industrial strength 128-bit encryption. Contact us today and find out that how we can help you achieve a successful online presence.

Here is some information to help you decide what product or company you should choose for your website.

Myths & Reality

I need a lots of disk space
This is one of the bigger myths. To run a professional website, you need quality service and fast systems. Most well done sites run under 50 MB of disk space.

A good deal of hosts advertise and sell 50-100 GB of disk space for less than $10 per month. What's done is that hosts oversell space, hoping not all will use most of it.  To make the matter worst, hosts may prohibit you to store large media files on the server and/or use the server space for your personal storage. At ITServices Illinois, we first, we do not give outrageous bandwidth and disk space on our business hosting servers, second, we keep storage space allocation meaningful keeping in mind backup restoration, speed and other QOS considerations.  Not overselling on business servers also helps maintain quality of service so that when your website is hit with high traffic, our servers have the capacity to handle the load. Overselling is common in other industries as well such as wireless service providers. Generally to attract customers wireless providers will offer unlimited calling minutes plans, but then when the network load becomes unpredictable, you get dropped calls and poor voice quality. More reputable companies will not oversell and compromise on the quality of service.

Unlimited disk space
This one is really interesting. Some hosts out there will say they can offer you unlimited disk space for less than $10 per month. You need to be careful of the hosting companies which offer unlimited storage space since you could be falling for a scam. There is no such thing as unlimited disk space. Note that quality 300 GB SCA 15000 rpm hard drives in raid 1 cost over $1000 alone with a server life of about 3 years and this is just the hard drive cost not including server, network, software, switches, bandwidth, network administration, customers support and business overheads.  There is no way someone can provide quality service and at the same time offer unlimited disk space. You need to carefully read the service agreement of the provider before you sign up for such a plan.

Unlimited data transfer
Similar to unlimited disk space, there is no such thing as unlimited data transfer. If your host is located on a internet peering point, the host can offer plenty of bandwidth at lower costs, just like we can.  Still, quality bandwidth costs money along with overheads and therefore is not unlimited.  We can now offer unlimited bandwidth with some plans which basically means that we have plenty of bandwidth that we can make available to our higher end plans and they can use as much bandwidth as they like.  However, limitation will come if server resources are being monopolized or if a website is continuing to use large amount of bandwidth that put other users on the shared server at a disadvantage.  Please read our terms of service for more information regarding our bandwidth use policies.

Free hosting
This is a good one. Well if you are a working adult, you must have realized by now that noting is available for free. If someone offers free hosting then either or all of the following is true.

- Bill Gates wants to donate his wealth and the best way he has found it to do so is by helping people host for free.
- Red Cross and United Way has found a new way to help general public.
- You are in for a big surprise.
- Your provider is selling your email and contact information as well as slapping you with e-mail and banner advertisement.
- Quality service, customer support and website continuity is not a requirement.

The free hosting that we advertise is a stripped down hosting plan that is available when you register domain name with us at our regular domain registration prices.

Network uptime or website uptime
Most hosting companies advertise network uptime but not server and application uptime. At, we offer server and application uptime of 99.9% on our business servers and 99.5% on our value servers.  Note that networks can be up 100% of the time if routing equipment is good and multiple providers are serving the network, just like at High application uptime can only be offered by an experienced host who knows not only the network but also the factors that are critical to maintain applications.  For example, we do not allow customer dll registration on our servers but some host do. We try to keep our servers application environment homogeneous since the more we customize it for individual users the more risk we are injecting into the server uptimes.

Reality Check

If someone offers outrageous features such as 200 GB of disk space and 1000 GB of data transfer for $5-10 per month with commitments for overnight every day backup, then please checkout their dedicated server offerings to find out what's is being charged for 120 GB of SATA disk space and overnight backups?  You will find out that the dedicated services are offered at 20-30 times the cost of the equal shared hosting services, why the difference? The reason is not the shared or dedicated services, its the gimmick these guys play to trap users in.  If you do a search, you will find that cost of overnight backup for 50 GB is between 50-100 dollars a month so how can these guys give 200 GB disk space with commitments for overnight backups? you guess right, pure scam.  Couple other questions to ask yourself are given below.

Is your host connected to a quality network?
At ITServicesIllinois we are connected to multiple redundant quality networks such as Level3, Williams etc. We do not use low cost bandwidth providers such as Cogent.  Network and application uptime and well as faster response times is a priority for us.

Is your host connected to multiple network providers for redundancy?
Hosts connected to one provider or a single local Telco connection cannot maintain high outbound network uptimes. Relying on only one outbound connection to the internet is risky since if this one provider has outage, esp. an extended one, your websites, e-mail and databases will be unavailable.

Does your host use top of the line routing equipment?
Good routing equipment along with other network elements is a key to survival. Quality network equipment not only has resilient paths to servers but also helps to protect the network against inbound and outbound hacks and attacks. We only utilize Cisco routing equipment and are connected to the internet via. Cisco 12000 series router.

Is there generator power backup available in addition to UPS?
UPS is good, but can only sustain the entire network for an hour or two. ITServices Illinois is located in a $60 million carrier class facility with UPS as well as electric power generators which can sustain the entire building for months in case of local power outage.

Are the servers located in a secure facility?
ITServices Illinois is located in a carrier class facility which is sitting on top of internet peering point in downtown LA. The facility is not open to general public and allow people in only with proper authorization. The facility is equipped with 24 by 7 on staff security professionals and all inbound, outbound and other activity within the building is monitor on surveillance video.

Does your host has the necessary industry experience?
Do you hire a professional with no experience? your answer most likely will be 'no'.  Experience in any industry matters a great deal as with experience one is least likely to repeat past mishaps or mistakes.  When you go with an inexperienced provider you as a customer end up paying cost for training your provider which in turn affects your online business.  At, although we don't claim to be perfect, we have over 6 years of experience and have learned a great deal about how to run a hosting business and can therefore provide best value/price ratio.

Does your host use desktop machines as servers?
Some hosts will host websites on low cost desktop class equipment. At IT Services Illinois, we only use professional grade equipment that is desinged/optimized for uptime and speed.

Does your host monitor its network 24 x 7?
At FH we closely monitor our network as well as key applications to make sure not only servers are pinging but they are actually serving content. Some companies do not have resources to closely monitor its services and therefore cannot offer true application uptime.

Is your host incorporated and located in the US?
Some hosting companies are pure scam operations and operate out from least known locations around the globe. To make matter worst, the make their websites look like they are a US corporation. IT Services Illinois on the other hand is run by, Inc., which is a registered Illinois corporation. IT Services is located in the US and is in business for over 19 years. We operate our servers, switches, firewalls.  We also run our own merchant account to accept payments over the internet and our secure SSL certificate is issues by RapidSSL.  You can check for our SSL certificate on the shopping basket checkout page.

Does your host offer anti-virus protection on e-mail and on web servers?
E-mail virus can be devastating since they can not only harm your computer and cause you headaches related with slow systems and program not working but they can help other steal information off your machines. At IT Services Illinois, all e-mail boxes have virus protection enabled by default, so that first there is no catch and second, you, our customers are safe from e-mail born virus threat without any prejudice. This is one more valuable service and an attitude that distinguishes us from the other providers.




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