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Transferring Your Website/Domain to

We welcome customers to transfer their hosting account to and discover the true meaning of first rate technical support, customer care and quality of service.

How do I transfer an existing domain name

Domain Name Registration Transfer

Web Hosting Transfer


Domain Registration Transfer

To have your domain transferred from another registrar or service provider, you need to send us a transfer initiation request at support at from your email address that we have in record for you or you may create at ticket for this from you hosting control panel.  Also, please ask your existing registrar to remove transfer lock from your domain name.  Once the request is received, we initiate a transfer request on your behalf and thats e-mailed to the admin/registrant e-mail listed in your domain's who-is record.  After you have approved the transfer request you shall receive a request to authorize release of your domain name to our registration system from your existing registrar.  If all goes well, it may take 3-6 days for the transfer to complete.

Once transfer has completed, you can then manage your domain using our domain management system.  You are still the owner of your domain name when you mange your domain name through our registration system.  You can transfer a domain out of our registration system after 90 days for both new and transferred domain.

How to transfer your web host

1) Choose a Hosting Plan.

Review our selection of hosting plans and options, and choose a plan that best suits your need.  Once you have made your selection, add the plan to our shopping basket and then proceed all the way through our secure check out (real-time payment processing system).  As soon as we receive you order, we will call to confirm the credit card charge and activate your hosting account.  Generally it takes us 3 hours to activate your hosting account from signup to charge verification and setup.

2) Edit Your Domain Name Record.

After receiving your account setup confirmation, you need to host your domain name (existing or new) and then edit your domain name DNS name record and 'point' the entries to fortehosting's network.  You do this by visiting the web site of your domain name registrar and editing your domain name record.'s DNS Name Server information is listed below:

Business Hosting, Free Hosting and Multi-domain Hosting name servers.

Primary Server Hostname:
Secondary Server Hostname:

VPS/ Reseller Hosting name servers:

  Primary Server Hostname:
  Secondary Server Hostname:

Once you have saved/updated the name server entries, it may take approximately 12-48 hours for the change to come into effect and for your domain name to start working from our network. 

You can access your new hosting account and the website on our network as soon as its setup.  To do so, first login to the control panel, proceed to 'Web Options' and then find an entry for 'Instant domain access alias'.  Use this url to access your website on our network.  After your domain name DNS has propagated (usually within 48 hours) your domain name will begin to point to fortehosting's systems, and you will be able to access your site with FTP, FrontPage, and your web browser using your actual domain..

Please make sure that you setup all your e-mail boxes on our system before changing the name server information.  This way you will not  loose your emails during the DNS switchover.

If you experience any problems with the transfer, please let us know since we may be able to guide you.

NOTES: As there are over 1000 domain name registrars worldwide, we cannot provide the exact transfer procedures for each name registrar. The policies and procedures can be quite different from registrar to registrar, so you will need to consult the documentation from your registrar for exact procedures to transfer your website or edit your domain name record.

It is the responsibility of the domain name owner to make the DNS changes to the domain name to 'point' to our Name Servers.  While we can assist customers who are having trouble transferring their sites, we do not perform this service automatically.

For your assistance, the following links will provide you with specific transfer information from the Internet's major domain name registrars.

Network Solutions (InterNIC)
Modifying Your Domain Name Registration Record
Transfer, Changes & Escrow Services


Account Login

While waiting for the new name server information to propagate around the Internet, we recommend maintaining your site at your current host to avoid down time for your site. During this time, you can use the temporary address that we gave you to mirror your web site on's servers until the transfer is complete.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support staff.







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