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Payment Policy

New Hosting Customers

We require an initial payment of any setup fees plus the first month or a year of hosting fee prior to setting up a new customer account. We prefer payments through credit cards only. Under extraordinary circumstances that we may accept payment by personal check, cashiers check or money order. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express through our own US based merchant account. We may accept PayPal payments but from select countries.  We phone verify all initial credit card orders by calling the number provided on the payment information.

Existing Hosting Customers

Customers in good standing may order new hosting services at any time without an initial payment. Normally we will bill for new services once they have been setup and are available for use. If requested, we can adjust the billing periods for new services to match the billing period of any existing services you may have.


Whenever we charge your credit card for new or existing service an automatic detailed e-mail is sent to your e-mail address registered with us.  If you did not receive this email then you can request a copy from us.

Recurring billing setup: When you submit a card for payment on our website it is billed instantly and gets automatically setup to be billed on recurring basis for the services you request unless otherwise you contact us and request a different setup. We do not take email or other authorization for each monthly or yearly transaction that comes due. It is your responsibility to notify us in writing if you do not wish to be billed further and/or discontinue service.

Debit cards beware: If you use a debit or credit charge card then its your responsibility to ensure you have enough funds or credit available in or to your account respectively.  We are in no way responsible for any over draft, non-sufficient fund or any other fee that your bank or other entities may charge you as a result of you making a purchase from us or us billing you on your card for the services you requested or are setup by us on recurring basis.

Loss of service: Please keep your charge card updated with us.  If we send you a notice that we could not bill you then please follow up on that notice or contact us for assistance as soon as you can.  Our custom payment url that you can use to pay or update your payment information with us is given on the bottom menu (last link).  If we cannot bill you then we will suspend/close your account with us and you may loose your domain or other service from us.  Please refrain from submitting payment on a card not issued in your name.  We cannot guarantee service renewal on charge card which is not issued in your name or in the name of the company for which you are an authorized officer.  In case we lost your domain name due to any fault of ours, the payout in redemption will not be greater for $99 per domain name one time for all claims related to the domain name in question.

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Discounts and Refunds

Resellers or other qualified hosting customers may take advantage of discounts we may offer from time to time.

Discounts, refunds or other amounts credited are first applied against outstanding charges or current/future billing amounts.  Direct credit is issued when requested and/or when you are terminating your billing relationship with us.  Refunds cannot be greater than the amount paid for the service in USD.  We do not reimburse for grievance or for the time you spent or cost you incurred to use our service.  Request for refund or discounts must be received in writing.  If you paid but did not get the service then you must contact us to correct this situation.  We do automatically refund any amounts that you pay us in excess.  The refund process in this case may take up to 30 days.

Domain Names: Unlike website hosting accounts, domain name registrations through us are non-refundable 'once the registration is processed' and entered into registry’s database. You need to wait at least 90 days before you can transfer a domain out to another registrar after its registration, renewal and/or ownership change or after the payment for the domain's registration or renewal has processed, which ever comes later.

Free Domain Names: If an account comes with promotional domain registration then we renew this domain as long as you host with us at no cost to you and your hosting payment is current (when this was part of the promotion when you signed up for your account).  You cannot replace or substitute this domain with a different domain name at a later time.  If you don't want hosting but want to keep the domain then you can pay our regular cost of the domain registration to continue your domain with us or transfer this domain out to another registrar.  In this case the terms of the above paragraph applies.

Similarly SSL certificates and all installation fees are non-refundable.

Please review our service agreement and money back guarantee below for additional information on our payment policies and refunds.

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