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Following services are billed as extras.

Following services are provided on per request basis and are billed only after we get your email approval.  All requests for services are to be received in writing or they shall not be performed.

If your website stops functioning due to any action that is not our fault then the following extras applies.  We actively backup your data on daily and weekly basis depending upon the package you have signed up for.  However, we highly encourage you to take your own backups, esp. if you are about to make a major change to your website or database.   Please read our security policies including information on backups.

Sales: 630-709-7943   OR   630-709-7942
  Website, e-mail or database backup restore, IIS server move One-Time Recurring  
  - Website backup restore      
  1 Website $15.00 N/A  
  Additional websites under the same account $3 each N/A  
  - E-mail backup restore      
  Up to 5 e-mail boxes or List of Aliases $35 N/A  
  Additional e-mail boxes $5 each N/A  
  - Database backup restore      
  Up to 400 mb $15.00 N/A  
  Between 400 - 1000 mb $25.00 N/A  
  Over 1000 mb hourly rate - see below    
  Db restore and migration to a different SQL server Add to restore $20    
  Website move from IIS 6 to IIS 7 - 1 website $15 N/A  
  Website move from IIS 6 to IIS 7 - each additional website $7 N/A  
  Account Billing Transfer Fee:      
  Transfer ownership of hosting or a domain to new person or entity (including email address change when you do not have access to your old email address)*. $15 N/A  
  Transfer ownership of both hosting and a domain to new person or entity $25 N/A  
  Extra Bandwidth  


  10 GB extra bandwidth or upgrade to a higher plan at the plan differencing cost  

$3 per month

  Administrative and programming support  


  Administrative and custom programming job - i.e., request to re-build a dedicated server, troubleshoot programming/database code and more.  ASP .Net and MS SQL development support can be arranged.  Billed in 30 minute increments. $50

$120/per hour

  Domain name redemption  


  If your domain name has expired for over a month and was not renewed for the following reasons, it goes into redemption status for the next 2 months.  After the next two months the domain gets released to the public for registration.  Most domain TLDs such as .com, .org, .net can still be registered at a regular price within the first 30 days of the domain name expiration with us.

1) If we could not process payment on your charge card on file and you did not update your payment charge card information with us after we notified you by sending email(s) to your email address on file.

2) If you notified us that you did not want to renew your domain in writing and changed your mind later by notifying us in writing.

We are not responsible for domain name(s) that goes into redemption and/or gets released to the public if we cannot process payment on your charge card on file.



  Custom DLL registration      
  - Evaluation and Install $20

$3.00-$10.00 per month
(depending upon the complexity and maintenance effort required)

  We avoid custom dlls as they can destabilize server operation and cause administrative/security issues.  Commercially available dlls are allowed in selected cases only after through review of security and stability factors. .Net Dlls are allowed as they run under .Net framework and do not require explicit registration. Some of the functionality in the past that required regular components (dlls) can now be done using XML such as credit card gateway information transmission.  In any case, please prefer to use ASP .Net dlls by placing them in the applications' /bin folder.

In addition to the above, during server moves and rebuilds (can happen ever 3-4 year), the custom configuration you requested may be implemented in one additional days after migration of users data and websites is successfully completed.

* For domain registrations: After domain ownership change and/or billing contact email address change, please allow 90 days before you transfer your domain out of our registration system if you wish to do so.




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